Our Privacy Policy

    Thank you for shopping with
    The Bird Store! We value you as a customer and make every
    effort to protect your privacy.
    We DO NOT sell or share any of your private information
    with any other third party.

    When you shop with us we will use your name, address, and credit
    card only to process your order.  We may need to contact you,
    using your email address or telephone number,
    if we have questions concerning your order.

    In the future, we may choose to use your email address for our
    news letter, sales or promotions.  If you choose not to receive
    information from us, please contact us at
    252-480-2951 or thebirdstoreobx@gmail.com  and we will be glad
    to remove you from our mailing list.

    Again, thank you for shopping with The Bird Store!!