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Miniature Mallard
Note the finely detailed
MD24  $99.50
Miniature Mallard
MD25  $89.50
Miniature Standing
Wood Duck
Note the vivid colors
that make the Wood
Duck a favorite!
5" H
MD29  $99.50
Miniature Wood Duck
MD28  $89.50
Minitaure Standing
Note the fine "pin" tail.
9"L x 5"H
MD26  $99.50
Miniature Swan
Note the graceful
8" L
MD1  $29.95
Miniature Swan
Locally carved
MD2   $29.95
Miniature Swan
Unique "crackled"
Locally carved.
8" L
MD3  $39.995
Standing Pelican
Locally carved.
MD16  $19.95
Miniature  Pelican
8 " L
MD15  $69.95
Miniature Pintail
9"L to tip of tail
MD27  $89.50
3/4 Size Sanderling
An Outer Banks
favorite!  This locally
carved Sanderling is
featured in it's brown
summer plummage.
6"L x 4.5" H
MD31  $69.95
3/4 Size Sanderling
This Sanderling is
featured in it's grey
winter plummage.
6"L x 4.5"H
MD30  $69.95
3/4 Size Least Sandpiper
The Least Sandpiper is
another favorite shorebird
found on the beaches of
the Outer Banks.
6"L x 4.5"H
MD32  $69.95
Miniature Rail (Marsh Hen)
Loved for the unusual shape
and color, the Rail or Marsh
Hen is uncommon among the
7.5L x 5H
MD34  $89.95
Miniature Piping Plover
Once on the endangered
species list, the Piping Plover is
well known on the Outer Banks
for it's protected nesting areas.
5"L x 3"H
MD33  $69.95
Miniature Sanderling Pair
Sanderlings are most often
found by the ocean in groups
Note the carved shell base
Only 3"H
MD6  $139.50
Miniature Sanderling
Grey winter plummage
Nice carved shell base
Only 3"H
MD5  $69.95
Miniature Willet
Beautiful carved
shell base
Only 4.5"H
MD8  $69.95
Oyster Catcher
Nice carved shell
Only 4.5"H
MD7  $69.95
Great Blue Heron
Only 6.5"H
MD10  $69.95
Miniature Egret
Only 6.5"H
MD9  $69.95
Pair of Miniature Yellowlegs
on Carved Heart Base
Only 5"H
MD12  $139.50
Pair of Miniature Curlews on
Beautiful Carved Heart Base
Only 5"H
MD11  $139.50
Miniature Laughing Gull
Note the beautiful carved
shell base
Only 3.5"H
MD13  $69.95
Miniature Herring Gull
Only 3.5"H
MD14  $69.95
In Miniature....