"The Kiss"Notecards
Five assorted  notecards
and envelopes of the
Corolla wild horses by
local photographer,
Ginger Snaps
G1  $14.75
Open Water Mallard Call
A great "guy" gift for the
This locally made call has
won many awards!
G4  $59.95
Locally Made
Goose Call
The Hunters love it!
G3  $139.50
Locally Made Turkey
Note the unusual
"striped" lid design...an
excellent call.
G5  $49.95
Carolina Flare
This is a great new
book on the history of
the Carolina charter
boats and sportfishing!!
G6  $60.00
Currituck Memories and
by local author,
Travis Morri
G9  $19.95
Black Lab
Wall Hanger
G12  $34.95
Lab Windbell
A wonderful sound
Bell is 10.5 "
G14  $49.95
Peterson's Field
Guide- Birds of
Eastern & Central
North America
A great gift for the
novice as well as avid
G8  $19.95
Gifts from The
Click on Image to Enlarge!
Duck Hunting on the
Currituck Sound
by local author,
Travis Morris
G7  $19.95
Chocolate Lab
Wall Hanger
G11  $34.95
Red Crab Windbell
Bell is 10.5"
G13  $49.95
We also have windbells with..... blue crab, seagulls, octopus, heron, NSEW, retriever,
beagle, lighthouse, loon, and cardinal
We have a nice selection of other locally made calls.
Please call for information.